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The difference between facial tissue and toilet paper

2018/5/2      view:

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First,different paper towels, different standards

Many people think that the tissue paper is the same as the toilet paper. In fact, they have a big difference. Even if they are all qualified products, the health standards made by the country are very different.

1.     Different amount of bacteria

2.     Different pulp

3.     Different fluorescent bleacher

Second,different tissue,different uses

Facial paper

Face tissue is specially used to clean the face , soft and skin care , hygiene requirements are highest , used to wipe the mouth , wipe the face more secure.

In addition, after soaking the napkin, it still keeps good toughness, not easy to break, and the scraps are not easy to remain on the face when sweating.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper with moderate softness, mainly for use in the toilet.

Qualified toilet paper does not harm the human body, although the sanitary standard is not high, but the amount of tissue is cheap.

Third,How to choose a tissue?

1.     Choose the right one instead of the cheap one

2.Look at the product details at the bottom of the package

Tissue packaging at the bottom of the general product details, should pay attention to eliminate word number, product raw materials. Elimination of the word number is above the provincial health administration issued by the formal products, raw materials for the best raw wood pulp.


4.Smelling   Try not to buy scented when you buy tissues.