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 Toilet paper rewinding perforating machine has how many kinds of embossing

2015/2/28      view:

Many processors when choose and buy toilet paper rewinding machine, will ask such questions. For example,rewinding and perforating  toilet paper machine has what function? Rewinding machine, ok? But few people would asked the embossed way of toilet paper rewinding machine.When making toilet paper rolls of paper, embossed way, there are three kinds: steel to glue, Steel to wool roll,steel  to steel.below I will do a total introduction of rewinding and perforated machine.

   First:steel to glue. When using double embossing, rolls of paper machine itself has two groups of embossing device, a group is cots + steel rod, another group of steel on the wool roller. Process of high difficulty,high cost; using the flower car steel rod of steel, the utility model has the advantages of good forming effect, shortcoming is easy to damage the paper fiber; therefore, only the purity of not less than 70% of the wood pulp paper can use steel on steel. The process of the double ballsome difficulty, so, no matter which way to choose, operators must be very careful .

  Second: Single side embossing toilet paper rewinding machine is only a set of embossing device -- steelstick, into the car flower roller, roller corrosion flower; flower car, flower type machine can directly into multi prismatic shape car, etc., bottom roller can be as cots, sheep cloth roller, wool roller 3 types; corrosion flowers and flowers, molding difficulty is high, can not be used directlyinto machine car, such as dot, low roller for roller, wool roller can be of 2 types.

Third:steel to steel. Embossing mode steel to steel embossing, at present, the domestic technology has not yet reached the very proficient, but also have shortcomings, we must use pure wood pulp can adopt steel on steel embossing.

Just started in toilet paper to do the processing, suggest that you first use steel wool roller for embossing. At present the best assessment of the 1575 type toilet paper rewinding machine.1575 this model is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and personal choice,not only has the superiority in the choice of materials, but also from a certain extent to increase the yields and reduce paper consumption, save a lot of spending for businesses.

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