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Small paper rewinding machine


 Small paper rewinder refers to cut the jumbo roll paper cutting into large rolls of toilet paper, mainly used for hotels, airports and other large public toilets.

Main features:

1. Gassing axis used to make paper tube is accurate, simple

2. Embossing system: using steel to steel blank holder, independent gas steel adjustment, convenient adjustment, each layer of paper stratification;

3. Horizontal type unwinder, paper is pneumatically loaded on machine, save manualhandling

4. paper is pneumatically loaded on machine by wide leather,Each roll of jumbo paper are independent tension adjusting device

5. Adopts inching switch before and after drawing the jumbo roll paper, simple and safe operation.

Technical parameters :


      1575        1760      2200     2500     2800

      The width of jumbo rollpaper (mm)

      1750          2000        2150         2400        2700

   The diameter of jumbo roll paper (mm)

          Standard Φ1100mmplease specify the other sizes

       Rewinding diameter (mm)

        400mm 90-300

         Roll quantity

        3acan specify

         paper core diameter (mm)

          3”76.2mm)(please specify the other sizes

        Production Speed (m/min)


      pneumatic system

   3 air compressorminimum pressure5kg/cm2pacustomer owned

      installed power

       4.5KW 380V,50HZ

        Embossing system

       Steel to steel

      Dimension (mm)

       6200x2600x1800 (L x W x H)

        Machinery weight 




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