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Automatic cigarette rolling paper folding machine


This machine is used to produce a special extraction transparent toothpick paper, the finished product is one by one, when you draw out the upper paper, the next one will appear. The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation motor control, automatic folding function.

Function and Feature:

1.The machine is suitable for folding forming of toothpick paper.

2.The motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed regulation is stable.

3.It can adjust the folding position according to the different size of paper.

4.The cutting knife adopts the imported blade, and the end face of the split-cut is flat.

5.The machine has an automatic counting function.

6.Wireless remote control starting and stopping point function.


Model TF-CPM
Supply voltage 380V/50HZ
Power 2.2KW(frequency convert control speed)
Production speed 35m/min(Stable)
Quantity 16 sheets,25 sheets,33 sheets(Every time)
Folding dimension 36mm,44mm,54mm
Cutting dimension 67mm,78mm,98mm,108mm
Machine weight 6T
Machine dimension 10m*1m*1.8m (L*W*H)

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