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Basic common sense about napkin machine

2015/2/12      view:

 How to select good napkin machine?High quality napkin machine has  High efficiency, Long life and Excellent security.when purchase  napkin machine,you can see the embossing and patterns,good napkin machine will produce clear floral designs,and you should make sure All parameters of napkin machine,it is produce how many papers each minute and the watt level、machine size and so on.last,you can Watch salesman’s after-sales service


Function:Equipments possesses structure compact, easy manipulation, automatic folding and tidy, automatic counting, not chaos, the speed is quick, the machine with beautiful appearance. The gap between the two folding roller adjustment convenient, fast. Reversing bevel gear wearthe original quick, big noise.Instead of reversing gear box, reducing the replacement of parts, long service life, lower noise.High yield, less energy consumption.


1、Controlled with unreeling tension to fit production with different tension of raw paper.

2、Count automatically and orderly placed,convenient to pack.

3、Attach with folding unit ensuring accurate position and unify sizes of product.

4、Adopt  steel against woll embossing roller to have clear embossment .(the embossing unit can be steel against steel roller according to customer’s requirement)

5、According to customer’s requirement we can design the machine with one color printing,two colors printing or multi-color printing unit.

6、We can manufacturer different specification of machine according to customers’ requirement.