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Tissue machine related introduction

2015/2/26      view:

Facial tissue paper has been popular in each hotel and every family, its advantage is when use paper,you pick out paper from the box one by one, it is convenient,and  loved by the masses of people, people like to set a pack of paper in the sitting room, convenient for families and visiting friends to use, there are many friends also like to put a box in the car .Now facial tissue paper appeared in short supply, there are a lot of friends want to invest in this industry, but because of don't understand  the machineand processing,so in a wait-and-see attitude .Below I introduce processing of paper extraction machine, hope to be  help.

Because people named facial tissue paper machine in many kinds, the corresponding processing paper extraction machine has many kinds of name, such as: boxed washcloth paper machine, pumping type facial tissue machine, paper drawing machine, drawing paper machine, paper machine (soft pumping shaft is installed in the pumping paper, plastic bagsare the same machine processing, just different in packaging methods), in some places also called napkin machine, Quanzhou yongjia technology) machinery co., LTD. In the absence of specific instructions to the processing of the tissue machine called draw-off tissue machine.

The following general introduce the principal of  pumping tissue paper machine: After the machine cut of the base paper by knife roller shear, interaction fold into the chain of rectangle tissue.

This machine adopts vacuum absorption technology, automatic stacking counting function, has the advantages of fast speed neatly folded, the operation is easy, the folded paper extraction box after a boxed out of facial tissue paper, with soft pumping packaging machine will be pumping paper packed into plastic bags that become flexible Kleenex, convenient to use , popular consumer forite.