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Tissue paper rewind and perforated machine make work convenient

2015/3/2      view:

Daily use toilet paper is an essential part of our daily necessities, things may be small but from trees into a pulp processed into toilet paper takes a long time,it is not an easy thing.Do you want to know how the toilet paper is processed? Eventually machinery is rewinding machine.That is to say, the toilet paper, toilet paper rewinding perforating machine is the most important processing machinery.

First,buy base paper from paper making factory, because the volume is too big it is not suitable for family use, so the second step is to make big roll of toilet paper base paper on the rewinding machine for 1-3 layers of rewinding process .The third is to put the rewinded long roll of paper with paper cutter cut into appropriate width of a small roll of paper .Finally artificial packaging small roll of paper, can be sold after the sealing machine seal it.

    The main process is rewinding  raw materials. Whole process is controlled by automatic program, only need one person to complete all operations.

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