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Napkin machine maintenance

2015/2/10      view:

1、Check the napkin machine and electric parts, check whether the connecting bolt looseness or not, check napkin machine all lubricating points lubrication is normal or not, check napkin machine transmission device is normal and reliable or not.

2、Check whether the napkin machine protection device is in good condition, make sure electrical instrumentation is sensitive, and motor carbon brush contact are in good condition, check the napkin machine turning week, check equipment around the rotating part or presence of obstacles and remove, no standing people around when it is started.

3、Press start button to start the motor after check, pay attention to the current changes, napkin machine maintenance staff should master the structure of the equipment performance and the name of the parts and effect, operators is asked to keep clean every lubrication point.

4、Check each bearing temperature is less than 32℃ during operation and check whether there is any looseness on each bolt Whether the presence of abnormal sound, feed water and mine is evenly or not, The barrel has leakage phenomenon or not.

5、The Motor Current and voltage of Napkin machine is normal or not,make sure the environment of napkin machine and facial paper making machine is clean(beside the part of operating napkin machine

6、The rest parts of napkin machine should be checked at any time,after use a span, you need to check and maintain the ball mill.