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Paper core machine


Equipment function and configuration:

This machine is the production of paper core barrel are widely used in papermaking, textile, plastic, medicine, packaging and other industries. Don't stop automatic pipe cutting, incision smooth. According to requirements set length, length accurately.

Main technical parameters

1、Production Speed:8~18M/min

2、Inside diameter of paper core:Φ20~Φ60(Customized according to customer demand)

3、Roll paper layer:2-7tiers

4、 The width of jumbo roll paper :70-80mm

5、the diameter of Jumbo Roll paper:700-800mm

6、Equipment power:3.4W(380V 50HZ)

7、 Equipment weight:about 1.2T

8、 Device dimension(LxWxH): 2.8x0.76x1.5M



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