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Pumping tissue machine Functions and features

2014/11/27      view:

 Functions and features

1.Automatic counting points, the whole line of the output.

2.Spiral blade shear, vacuum adsorption folds.

3.Put volume stepless speed regulation, can adapt to high and low tension of base paper.

4.Electronically controlled pneumatic, easy to operate.

5.Product width can be adjusted to facilitate customer marketing.

6.Rolling paper pattern matching device, the pattern is clear that flexible market demand. (Selected pattern set by the guests).

7.Form a complete set of two-color flexo printing device, colorful patterns.


The working principle of tissue cutting

Cutting system:Consist of sawing belt, belt wheel, working panels.Work panels have product size adjustment device, adjustable make the product to achieve.

Folding forming: Along with the main motor running, fold the crank arm manipulator rod body, cooperate to produce, the deflection Angle, can adjust the position of the crank arm and change the length of the connecting rod to adjust (after folding forming is solid, i.e., don't need to adjust)

Dislocation counting and dividing:Adjust budget Numbers count control instrument, when the number reaches a constant value, relay drive cylinder to produce finished products export bedplate of displacement.

The characteristics of the tissue machine:

    Have put roll tension control,,can adapt to high and low tension base paper production. In the paper can roll pattern, pattern is clear. Facial tissue machine adopts stepless speed regulation, conveyor, embossing, flowers; Vacuum folding, cutting.